Local Guernsey Business providing support to Bridge2

"This project is the brain child of my great friend Dave - he has been a volunteer on many trips over the years and remains very supportive now. C.H.O.W - Charity Helps One World - every 3 months a rotating local Guernsey Charity will share 50% of the income with Bridge2. When you as a customer go into any of the above venues listed below, 10p will be charged on each meal - you can of course opt out. This first 3 months has raised an impressive £5k equating to 50,000 meals - quite staggering really.

Big Love and thanks go to all the eateries for their fantastic support"

Sarah Griffith Bridge2

This amount will be spent on food and essentials for the homes we support in Haiti, between them helping around 75 children.

"A BIG THANK YOU from me and all the participating restaurants, Rosso, Nineteen Bar and Grill, Le Petit Bistro & Le Petit Café, Mora Restaurant & Bar and The Hook, Guernsey to all our customers that have raised almost £5000 through C.H.O.W over the first 3 months, really amazing how those 10p’s add up! That means that first local charity, Autism Guernsey will receive £2572.03 and Bridge2 will receive the same!! Please check out their websites to see how this money will help people locally and further afield. 
Many thanks again"

Dave - Red Grill House and Bar


Winter Warmer | Paris

Helping the Refugees on the Streets of Paris


Bridge2 is about to help in the capital again – scenes of snowy tents and tales of sub-zero temperatures this weekend is enough to send us there in the car.

We have been to Paris twice before in 2015 and 2016 once on a medical mission and the other delivering flapjacks and tea on the streets for over 4,000 people.

We have collected 80+ winter coats and are currently collecting sleeping bags – 60 have been sent direct to a lady called Heather who is working on the ground already – she distributes each night.

The police violence continues unabated, so distribution has to be done very carefully.

2 organisations who have supported Bridge2 in the past stepped up to the plate within minutes of the appeal going live on Facebook. Refugees Foundation based in Cologne are sending a truck of aid and 4 volunteers, and Allied Aid funded many of the coats and are continuing to raise money for sleeping bags for us too.

Please consider donating on the link here on our site – every amount helps large and small.


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I am confused...

10 September 2016

Are you?


The Refugee Crisis had actually lodged in my brain properly back in early April 2015 when I saw a really nasty quote on FB from the gutter press, about how ‘the people coming from war torn Syria should stay in their country to fight and not bring their terrorism here to our shores’, and some local people here in Guernsey leapt on it and starting spouting bile - I was shocked at what they were saying and decided to do some research - the more I discovered, the more immersed I became in the whole story, the more indignant I became about the awful words that jumped at me from the screen. I have never been an avid follower of world news just listening on the side lines, but something in this really resonated - was it the cruelty and distain that the Refugees seem to being treated with? was it just the sheer injustice of people unable to access what was clearly their human right to be heard? Was it the increasing stories of violence? Was it the way the authorities were physically treating the people on the borders of countries? Or was it the stories of hundreds of unaccompanied children?

I actually think it was a combination - however the physical violence really disturbed me and my protective instinct came rushing to the surface - I have NEVER liked violence in any form be it in real time - films or stories, and the thought of children out in the open, unprotected, made me sick to my stomach. The seed of the need to help had been planted and it grew very quickly.

Very soon afterwards on the 25th April the Nepalese earthquake slammed into Nepal and all thoughts of action for the Refugees were put on hold. I took a team out there and we did what we could.

I came back and was doing more research into manipulated media reports and becoming increasingly angry, frustrated and frankly horrified at the lack of compassion from my fellow man.

On the 27th August, after seeing the reports of the people dying in the truck in Austria, I was moved into action - it was of course JUST before the tragic death of Alan Kurdi on the 2nd Sept and the images of his little lifeless body was on the seashore on a beach so close to us in reality. I went on a scheduled trip to Nepal and during that time planned a trip to go and see for myself what was happening in Calais.

I met with our Chief Minister in Guernsey to ask if I and others could take in refugees to our homes - after consultation the answer - much to my deep disappointment came back as a no!

I took another volunteer and on the 30th October we drove to Calais and spent 2 days listening to stories of extreme hardship and witnessed for ourselves the reality of life in The Jungle. Just 7 days later, I took an incredible team of 21 to Calais, including a team of 6 from Cuatro Estaciones Fundación Samu, to build a community kitchen that is there to this day serving 1500 meals each day,and run a medical clinic on the camp. I as Bridge2, spent Christmas in The Jungle with Jack James and Sam James my sons, together with Bruford Low, Adrianjohn Clarke Ana Rickard and Louise Woetmann we built a fence and added more to the kitchen.

I went back again in Feb with Toby Boucher and Louise Woetmann and Sam did another solo trip. Over the course of 5 months we also funded shelters for 30 families, bought large quantities of food, firewood, gas supplies, and donated 11 van loads of aid all generously given by the community at large here in Guernsey.

There has been an anti faction all the time, but they have been very outnumbered by the massive support of the people who care about how people are treated - thankfully!

During the November trip I took a detour to Paris, at the request of Christine Dolan and witnessed the extreme hardship of Refugees living on the streets in Place de Rebublique there, with little support. We were called to bring a medical team from Cuatro Estaciones Fundación Samu to treat some people who were really unwell and receiving little help at all from the Parisian people. I have just been again with my friend Rando Wagner for 2 days to give support tea biscuits bananas and bread out to the 1,000+ people still on the pavements with little support and being exposed to the daily derision and hatred from locals - it is devastating to witness. I stood making tea as a chic lady strutted passed and actually spat at a woman holding a baby sitting on the pavement, and bore witness to the aftermath when a Parisian punched a man waiting in the queue for a cup of tea. I had thought there was nothing left that could shock me, after all I had been working amongst death in my Disaster relief work for 12 years - BUT the attitude of the local Parisians was TRULY staggering - it took my breath away - dreadful!

I sought a meeting at the British Embassy in Paris to speak with the Ambassador but he was on holiday - so at very short notice instead I was granted a meeting (it lasted nigh on 2 hours) with David Reed the 1st Secretary for Migration who is directly involved with all things Refugee related including Calais and Dunkirk, and he was visibly shocked when I related the violent incidences involving the CRS I had witnessed and the reality of life on the Parisian streets just 15 mins from his luxurious office, in the building his office sits in, representing our Queen and country.

Since April of this year I have been working partnering with Refugee Support, set up by Paul Hutchings and John Sloan, in a camp based in a disused military base in Greece trying to make things a little easier for the residents while they wait for other people to decide on their futures! Existence on camp is really hard for the families - the reality of having left your home in a blind panic and run for your lives, survived a dangerous sea crossing, and then to be bundled into a place that is basically a space with ruined buildings around, must be like a living hell.

I go to and fro from Guernsey, and have spent well over half the time since April travelling to and working in Greece - I see it as my duty and basically because I feel guilty for seeming to condone this behaviour!

We have to help, they are our brothers and sisters.

Help Refugees recently started a campaign called Refugenes based around the fact that most of us most likely are - or are related to, or are descended from, refugees at some point in our personal history. I embrace the fact I am related to people from all around the world completely.

Scrolling forward to right now - my frustration is bigger than ever - nothing seems to have moved - yes a few people have been sent to other countries - yes a few children have made it to the uk.... BUT where is proper efficient system to process people with SPEED ....where is the urgency? I will tell you where......tied up in the knots of RED TAPE - thats where!

It is pathetic....


It is pathetic to see the men so thin, so hungry, their faces are shrunken and hollowed out

It is pathetic to hear someone say PLEASE can I have another sugar in my tea - and to know that is because he is SO HUNGRY!

....and where is this? PARIS - ATHENS - THESSALONIKI - and many other places too - today - right now - its happening!

We are in a 1st world country for God’s sake - just HOW is this all ok?

There is talk and then there is evidence.....there is inaction and then MORE talk.....

What DOES it take to mobilise action to stop the bombs - stop the pain - stop the cruelty?

What DOES it take to make people who are the decision makers understand that their choices to bomb and send in troops and then their inaction on the ground in Europe is causing intolerable human misery and suffering on an EPIC scale?

Does it take petitions?

Does it take laws passed in the Lord’s that get ignored (The Lord Dub’s report)

How many people have to ACTUALLY die before someone SOMEWHERE says...... enough and takes ACTION? “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” Dr Seuss

Because in April of this year the death total stood at hundreds of thousands - and how many innocent adults and children in that number are not involved in the war? How many farmers, students, teachers, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, nurses and Doctors, firefighters and peace keepers - and how many children and little defenceless babies?

How many? neither you or I will ever know the TRUE terrible total.

There is talk.......

talk of a new wall being built near the port of Calais

talk of chlorine attacks in Aleppo

talk of The Jungle being dismantled totally soon

talk of a new Refugee camp or 2 being built in Paris

talk of 10,000 unaccompanied minors going missing in the EU

talk of deals being done at Government level

talk of reunification

talk of rehoming

talk of the vulnerable being looked after

talk of Syrians going back to Jarablus in Syria

talk of abuse in camps

talk of container homes

talk of the winter coming..... talk of the rain we are to expect ......much more talk not even mentioned here ........talk talk talk...blah blah blah blah.....

Then there is evidence.....

of demonstrations by truck drivers in Calais

Tear gas on the Jungle New Years Eve and it was CALM!

Tear gas on the Jungle New Years Eve and it was CALM!

of abuse in camps in Greece

from barrel bombs in Syria

of inaction over unaccompanied minors

of amazing work done by White Helmets in Syria

White Helmets

White Helmets

of over 3,000 refugees dying at sea trying to get to safety

of men women and babies sleeping on the streets of Paris

of men woman and babies sleeping on the streets of Greece

of abuse directed at women wearing burkinis in the sea

of abuse directed at women wearing burkinis in the sea

of physical abuse towards Refugees in many places
of support of Refugee’s are Welcome
of staggering levels of violence dished out by the CRS in Calais
of people dying on the motorway in Calais
of a lack of tolerance


of a lack of compassion
Wed 7th Sept 2016 serious flooding on Camp Alexandreia

Wed 7th Sept 2016 serious flooding on Camp Alexandreia

of the Government’s inaction

of the CRS turning a ‘blind’ eye to their own, committing terrible acts of violence

of babies being born and placed in totally unacceptable camps to live

of the terrible food that is served to Refugees

of depression and demoralisation

the evidence is there for all to see and the talk - well, most of it, is just that, TALK, much of it hot air with no substance.

Empty rherotic that goes around and around.....

What happened to Love they neighbour?

What HAVE we become?

In the words of the Black Eyed Peas ...................Where is the love?


please please STOP the bombs - STOP the injustice - STOP the cruelty and START to help, be kind, compassionate, considerate, just HELP in what ever way you can.

www.bridge2.gg if you can donate. Thank you

Can I make it clearer?
Is anyone listening


Sarah Griffith MBE Founder of Bridge2 - Sat 10th September 2016