The Haitian earthquake devastated a large part of the island and caused thousands of deaths. Bridge2 mobilised and a team of 3 flew through Spain into Santa Domingo and took a jeep for the 11 hour drive over the border.

What they encountered was shocking to say the least.

Very quickly they established a refugee camp and sourced Shelterbox tents, clean water – installed latrines and bought food for the 66 families on the site.

The projects since then have been many and varied including helping 2 children’s homes, rebuilding classrooms and a wall in a school – installing a 10 block of toilets and redoing a playground.

They have built a workshop in another school in the slum of Cite Soleil with the intention of giving vocational classes for the students to learn a trade.

They have built houses and helped many people get back on their feet. Ongoing trips ensure the projects on the ground continue with the brilliant help of Bridge2 Haitian partner Christian Laplanche.

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