Community Kitchen

When Bridge2 arrived on Veria camp we were very aware of the lack of cooking facilities. We were able to distribute a dual hotplate (electric) per family with the help of Refugees Foundation, e.V. Support for Refugees on the Run who bought and shipped the cookers to us. Absolutely amazing work! This was not without it's difficulties and it was not officially supported by any of the agencies on camp, however we could not leave the residents without a means to cook the food which we were giving to them. And without the means to cook, they solely relied on the military food, which was subpar on every level. Eventually each building (there are four buildings) has had a basic kitchen installed which contains sinks and fitted hotplates. But still, no ovens. 

Along come the Allied Aid team! While working on the gardens, they also funded ovens and utensils for the kitchen which they setup at the same time. All that was left was for us to wire up the power and add in some more equipment and the kitchens would be ready. The kitchen is attached to the men's space and located by the stage, so it's perfect for events.

We have distributed keys to the community and they can use it as they please. It is used daily for all sorts of things but we also use it when we hold events. Our last event was Eid 2017, where the residents cooked chicken for the entire camp. This was cooked on BBQs however the kitchen was used for everything else - preparing the salad, cooking potatoes, sweets, etc. It is put to great use.