We read about the emerging Refugee Crisis and was compelled to go and see if we could help.

The first trip was a rekkie and then we put together a team of 21 – a medical team once more from the Spanish SAMU group and some builders from Guernsey and together we convened in Calais.

The objective was to build a community kitchen and do a serious medical clinic.

A marquee tent was made into a field clinic and the patients came in thick and fast.  We also took the medical clinic to Dunkirk twice and while there the team saved 2 mens lives.

We had a call to Paris and did a one day clinic on the streets there too.

There were a further 25 shelters funded and an extension to the kitchen with a container for storage funded and a fence around the whole compound.

12 van high top van loads of donations were driven over.

In addition building was carried out on a soak away and second tea kitchen that subsequently became a house for 12 people.