We are Bridge2. A charity setup by Sarah Griffith in 2005, now a mother and son team, together with a team of volunteers, we work to answer immediately pressing issues of those in need. The charity started out supporting the aftermath of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. Later we took our agile and immediate approach to help relief efforts in Haiti (earthquake), the Philippines (typhoon), Nepal (earthquake), Calais (refugee crisis), Greece (refugee crisis) and more recently Paris (refugee crisis). 

What we learned from the outset was that rather than throw money at a project or need, ultimately the best solution was to give people a way to earn a living, feel empowered, and create communities. Often issues are fundamental ones like food, access to clean water, medical, housing, schooling - the list varies and goes on. We get to know exactly what is required and apply all possible resources to directly provide it. No bureaucracy, no middlemen, no faffing. Because we're a small, dedicated - and most importantly trusted team, the money you donate helps us have a very quick and direct impact. 

Simply put, at Bridge2 we’re a hands-on charity run by humanitarians striving to support those who need it most. All our volunteers pay their own way. Donations made to the charity solely go to helping those in need, and don’t pay any personal expenses.

Please help us to help them help themselves - and donate below


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Account no / 63963497

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The Team

Sarah Griffith (MBE)  | Founder of Bridge2   Sam James  | Comedian

Sarah Griffith (MBE) | Founder of Bridge2

Sam James | Comedian